The three-headed Southern Rock band, Strow, from the Dutch village Zuidland, consists of Stein Zevenbergen, Cedric van der Leelie, and Mischa Stolk. In the summer of 2021, Stein and Mischa began making music together with not much more than the idea of playing music together. Soon, they came up with three original songs, which they performed two months later during ‘Gluren bij de Buren’ (a Dutch cultural event where people perform in each other’s gardens and homes). A year later, Cedric joined as a drummer and, after a week, participated in their performance at Live@Koekendorp. Meanwhile, Strow has been featured on Radio Rijnmond and performed at the Spijkenisse festival. Their debut EP is set to be released in the spring of 2024. The singles ‘Old Car’ and ‘Back Then’ serve as the ultimate teasers for it.


— verb

strowed; strown or strowed; strowing transitive verb

archaic: scatter

1 a: to cause to separate widely

b: to cause to vanish

2 archaic : to fling away heedlessly : squander

3: to distribute irregularly

4: to sow by casting in all directions : strew

5 a: to reflect irregularly and diffusely

b: to cause (a beam of radiation) to diffuse or disperse

6: to divide into ineffectual small portions

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Strow komt met eerste EP: Traveller

Vrijdag 26 april brengt de driekoppige Zuidlandse band Strow zijn allereerste EP ‘Traveller’ uit. Op…
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